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Multispeciality Ayurveda

Joint Pain Ayurveda Treatments

Our special Musculoskeletal & Bone treatments reduces joint pain and swelling faster. It improves joint flexibility, range of movements with better response to movement limiting disorders significantly.

Paediatric Ayurveda Treatments

Our Paediatric Ayurvedic specialities include the treatments of bowel disorder, sleep disorder, epilepsy, growth problem, and immunity problems with our special preparation of medicines, diets and asanas

Weight Loss Ayurveda Programs

Our special medicines of authentic ayurvedic mixtures, herbal diets and lifestyle changes are very effective to ensure naturally and permanently weight loss for all the ages and gender

Gastrointestinal Treatments

Our ayurveda program treats chronic conditions like IBS, other autoimmune conditions without surgery or steroids. Our ayurvedic treatments reset gut motility for regular bowel functions very naturally

Diabetes Treatments

Our special mixtures of ayurvedic compositions is well tested for the effective treatment of diabetes, its complications and sugar management very naturally without any side effects on the body

Sexual Disorder Treatments

Get our natural & safe treatments for all gynaec hormonal fertility in both male and females without any side effects and surgery. Our special ayurveda also naturally enhance sexual power

Ayurvedic Products

For Anorectal and Piles

Our ayurvedic composition with authentic herbal ingredients and oil extracts treats the complex and chronic conditions of anorectal and piles issues at the comfort of your home

For Bronchovascular and ENT

Our medicines are very effective for Bronchial congestion, Asthma and other lung deceases. It also relieves congestion faster, clears mucus easily, clears nasal and throat irritation and itchy eyes.

For Skin & Hair Care

Our own products of special composition of Ayurveda are very effective for hair fall, hair growth, skin nourishing and anti ageing solutions. It is amazingly effective for all kind of skin care and hair problems

Latest Ayurvedic News

Ayurveda Treatments for Sexual Disorders

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“Very authentic and reliable ayurvedic program by a team of highly experienced and professionally qualified doctors.”

Gracy Titus

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Dr. Shiv's Ayurveda Clinic & Research Centre is one of the top ayurvedic clinics offers authentic and holistic healing program

It is a team of very experienced and professionally qualified ayurvedic doctors to ensure natural and permanent healing of the deceases with special mixture of authentic ayurvedic compositions, diets, asanas and lifestyle changes for faster and holistic healing without any adverse side effects for the patients.


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